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We are a Destination Management tour company and we are one of the leading Tour and Treks Company in  Bhutan.  We have been specialist to organize Bhutan Tours and Treks. We are not only the most knowledgeable agency promoting Bhutan Tours and Treks in Bhutan but we are also the company in Bhutan specializing in travel to Bhutan. Our depth of experience in inbound and outbound travels in Bhutan as well as outside Bhutan, we are once who can make prompt Bhutan visa, right after the payment is done in ours account of Bhutan.

 Visitors are still few and the Bhutanese way of life, with its small colourful towns and villages, has remained relatively unchanged for centuries. Bhutan's landscape of mountains and green valleys and its strong Buddhist religion shape the kingdom's identity with monasteries and chapels scattered throughout the land. Traditional life is maintained, with the Bhutanese obliged to wear national dress in public, and festivals are colourful and noisy events, gathering together people from all over the country in a blur of music and dance. Bhutan is an extraordinary place, unlike anywhere else and you will never forget a visit to this ancient kingdom.

So we invite you to travel to Bhutan and unravel the wonders of this Himalayan Kingdom. Come and experience, for yourself, the land of Gross National Happiness and warm hospitality of the Bhutanese people with Kulagangri Tours and treks 

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