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ust before it, on the right side of the ridge is Kharbandi Gompa (400m), a small monastery constructed in 1967 by late Royal Grandmother, which offers fine views over the foothills and plains of Bengal. After crossing Richending check-point, the road begins a long climb, first through a series of switchback turns at Sorchen, then through tropical jungles up to Kamji village with a small temple, and gradually through misty areas to Jumja and large village of Gedu (2,200m). From Gedu the drive is along the ridge with spectacular scenery of landscapes, waterfalls and distant villages. After crossing Takti-chu, the road drops downhill and crosses the bridge over Wangchu at Wangkha, after which the climb begins to Chimakothi township. After Tsimakoti, pass through Bunakha, climb up to Chapcha village, cross Chapcha La ridge (2900m), descend to gorge and follow the river upstream to the river confluence and road junction at Chunzom. The roads on the other side of river go Paro and Haa. From Chunzom, the drive stays close to the river, passing many villages on either side and takes about an hour.

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