Festivals in Bhutan is not an entertainment to attract more tourists to Bhutan but they are a religious tradition.Tsechu’s are held on the tenth day of the Bhutanese month commemorating the birth date and remarkable actions of the saint Guru Padhmasambhava.

The main purpose of festival is to get off the evils through musics, dancing and rituals to bring good fortune in the coming years. By attending the festivals Bhutanese believes the one receives blessings and gains merit to improve his or her relative balance of good and bad deeds that will enhance one's cycle of birth and rebirth, hence these festivals are also social gatherings where people, dressed in their best, come together to rejoice.

The close proximity of Thimphu and Paro to the airport makes their festivals the most popular to visitors. Bumthang festivals also very popular, are famed for their exotic fire dances in the evening which help childless women conceive in the following year. The religious dances are the focus of the tsechu festivals and have didadactic and religious themes that can be traced to the age-old rituals and traditions practiced in the time when Buddhism first flourished in the country. Weaving through their complex choreography and attired in stunning costumes of silk, rich brocades and expressive masks the dancers present a vibrant and mesmerizing picture to the crowds. During the festivals the Dzong vibrates with the cacophony of musical accompaniments and the non-stop chatter of Bhutanese people taking part in the auspicious celebrations. It is an important occasion for the deeply religious people of Bhutan to pay homage and receive blessings from their local guardian deities.