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Mongar is the fastest developing dzongkhag in eastern Bhutan. Rebuilt in 1953 and is bit unusual with two main entrances.The journey from Bumthang to Mongar isone of the most beautiful in the Himalayas crossing 4,000m high Thrumshing la (pass). Gushing waterfalls, steep cliffs with even steeper drops, blazing flowers and constantly changing vegetation combine to make this journey as varied as it is beautiful.

The  Dzong was established here in 1930 to replaced the original Shongar Dzong, all though the utse dates from an earlier time. There are 5o to 60 monks in the dzong, many of them young boys’ age 8-10 years old. The images in the Lhakhang are of the Buddha of long life, Tshepamey as well as Guru Rinpoche and S habdrung.


Like most other Dzongs, it is the administrative headquarters for Mongar district. Mongar is noted with its lemon grass,a plant that can be used to produce an essential oil.It also has a hydropower plant on the Kuri Chhu river.
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