Many people from all over the world come to trek in Bhutan. The best season for trekking in Bhutan is in the spring months of March, April and May and the autumn months of September, October and November.

In the spring months, one can see the magnificent peaks of the Himalayas and also the different flowering trees in full bloom. It is a sight to see rich colours of magnolia and rhododendron dot the mountain side. In the fall, the sky is a vast stretch of clear blue and the panorama around is stunning. During these months, the high mountain passes are not blocked with snow, but sometimes expect the unexpected snow or rain fall.

Trekking in Bhutan will take you through a wonderful landscapes, rich flora and fauna, fresh trials and majestic snow capped mountains.  Treks can be often tiring, formidable and grueling in Bhutan. Trekking ranges from simple and easy to the most formidable in the entire Himalayas like the legendary 24-day Snowman Trek as it goes over 12 mountain passes, all of them over 4,500m. Therefore, a trek program will be your opportunity to experience the real beauty of Bhutan and get closer to the nature and rural culture by meeting the people in the far flung remote villages.