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Lhuntse, the rural isolated district is the ancestral home to the royal family of Bhutan. The place is famous for the hand-loomed fabrics typically woven from fine silk, known as Kishutharas, keeping intact one of the most distinctive art forms of the country.

Besides the perpetual royal anecdotes and the idiosyncratic ethnicity of the region, Lhuntse is fairly blessed with several places of sanctity.  The quaint Lhuntse Dzong is one of the most picturesque in the country being located in such a position that it overlooks the daunting Kuri-chhu beneath the valley. The Jigme Namgyel Naktsang and Dungkar Naktsang can still be seen in their novel forms. The Singye Dzong is an important pilgrimage site for Bhutanese, but it is not open to tourists.

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